Moy Hill: An Epic Adventure On the Land

Moy Hill: An Epic Adventure On the Land
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Moy Hill

An Epic Adventure on the Land

Moy Hill is a social farming project in Co. Clare, Ireland. Devoted to the land and using only natural processes (such as seaweed, manure and hard work), Moy Hill is a space dedicated to preserving the sovereignty of food, water and education. It is also a communal space where anyone can feel rooted to the Earth by getting their hands in the dirt surrounded by wild nature and strong community.

Sounds good, but what does this have to do with surfing?

Surfing’s quite similar to farming... sometimes Nature has different ideas. 
— Matt Smith

Turns out surfing and farming surprisingly go hand in hand... as professional surfer Fergal Smith and his mates discovered when launching the Moy Hill project. 


Founded on a love for the land as well as the ocean, Moy Hill's aim is to provide an outlet for surfers (and anyone else) looking to give back, inspire a new generation of young farmers and encourage other local communities to support their own farming projects and sovereignty of resources too. 

The project is an example of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) , where there is a partnership between farmers and consumers in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared. As well as growing food and preserving traditional techniques, holds "an open door for anyone to stay, work, learn, grow, heal".

The original Essence of a Surfer is someone who is very in touch with Nature
— Fergal Smith


The project is looking to expand (literally!) and help more people than ever by purchasing 60 acres adjacent to the current site near Lahinch, one of Ireland's most noted surf spots. 

They've launched a CrowdfunderUK page with a huge range of rewards for donations (including surf lessons) to help fund the project. You can check it out and donate here. 

Moy Hill and those involved are dedicated to returning to the roots of life: good food, good people and good surf. This is something we can all believe in. Please take a look, give them a follow and even donate. The value of projects like these is not measured in the physical money, land or people involved but the message it carries:

We can do this.

As surfers, environmentalists and simple human beings, we agree. 

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