Artist Feature: Andy Palfreeman

Photographer Andy Palfreeman came to Seafox's attention via Instagram. Still fresh at the beginning of his surf photography adventure, Andy's photos bring a sense of fun and playfulness to the line ups he "bobs around". He's often found chatting in the carpark at Putsborough and is always keen to collaborate on new water based photo projects. We caught up with Andy to learn about the trials and tribulations of getting into surf photography. 

How long have you been taking photos for?

I picked up a camera with more creative intentions about six years ago. My family bought me an Olympus E-PL2 and I was blown away by what you could do with a half decent camera. I very quickly became hooked on photography and trying to capture the mood and feeling of the places I was shooting. I had a couple of good friends to teach me and that really helped me a lot to develop an eye.

How did you get into surf photography? What drew you to it?

I've been wakeboarding for a while now and surfing about five or six it was sort of inevitable given my verve for photography. Like a lot of people I'm drawn to the lifestyle, thus a lot of my weekends and travelling involves surfing. As I always take my camera gear with me it wasn't a big step to get a camera housing and start shooting in the water. To be honest, as a surfer the conditions can quickly get too big for me (I love nothing more than 3ft and clean). So when it gets to head or overhead high I love putting the swim fins on to try and shoot the guys and girls who can actually rip. It's still early days so I'm not too used to all the funny looks that I get in the line up ("What's that weirdo bobbing around with a bloodyy camera pros here mate!"), but the vibe has always been really positive so far and I'm pretty happy with the direction I'm going.

"What's that weirdo bobbing around with a bloody camera for... no pros here mate!"

Where is your favourite place to shoot?

Haven't done that much to be honest, so fairly easy to answer. Putsborough is always great, I've spent loads of time in that area and love the vibe in the water (and always a good chat in the car park!). 

What does the sea mean to you?

Without exception [we] all put an emphasise on having a laugh when we go get salty

It's just pure fun, whether I'm surfing or shooting. I'm lucky to have a wide circle of mates that surf and without exception they all put an emphasise on having a laugh when we go get salty. Even if it looks like horrible conditions and you score one crappy wave we're happy. We tend to laugh with each other a lot and if we manage to give a little "YEWWW" as someone snags a nice wave then we're stoked. 


Where can we follow your journey?

I post on Insta when I can (@palfreemanphoto) and I do have a website where you can contact me too: 

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