Image by  John Hersey

Image by John Hersey

Terri Witherden

New to the surfing game but keen to channel her inner grom, Terri created Seafox to keep her feet wet whilst away from the waves. Initially beginning as an online scrapbook to capture favourite artists, surfers and poets, Seafox quickly became focussed on cold water due to the dramatic scenery, creative individuals and adventurous nature of surfings next frontier.

Constantly scanning the horizon for new surf adventures and chances to learn, Terri writes about her own surfing journey, her trips across Europe and artists and photographers from across the Atlantic. Representing those who find beauty in the wilderness of steel grey waves and icy beaches, but have a lot to learn on navigating them, Terri writes with honesty, integrity and humour.


Rolf Oftedal

Rolf has been surfing for 6 years and is as fearless as he is humble. Cofounder of Arctic Coworking Lodge, Rolf spends his days navigating the tides of both business management and local spots. Rolf is passionate about sharing the surf stoke and is an excellent point of contact for anyone interested in Nordic surfing, and has plenty of experience surfing various other spots too. Just know that as much as he is willing to share, he’ll always keep a few spots just for himself.