Cold water inspires a special kind of creativity. Seafox connects the cold water surf community by celebrating its unique, creative culture.

Seafox shares the joys of cold water and showcases the creativity this new frontier inspires with surfers of all levels.

Be inspired, challenge the elements and start your own cold water adventure now.


Seafox is a journal for wannabe wanderers and experienced ocean advocates. A home for anyone with a love of the ocean and a desire to create, capture and ultimately, protect it.

You'll find inspiration in images, music, stories, films and artists who kindle a love for the ocean through their creativity. You'll find your heart beating a little faster and your wanderlust ignited.

We believe Cold Water Surfing is the next exciting frontier of surfing and we want to share it responsibly. 


Cold water is a primary focus of Seafox, but all sea lovers are welcome to share their adventures through these pages. Coastal explorations and a personal surf mission to stand up where the waves fall down will form part of Seafox but ultimately it is dedicated to sharing the stoke of cold water and showcasing the inspiring creatives who challenge themselves, the elements and their limitations. 


As Seafox grows it will become the home of Cold Water Surf Culture. The ocean is a muse who never sleeps and is rarely predictable, which is why we think the art the ocean inspires touches something raw and human in each of us. 

Seafox will also empower visitors to learn about the coast and the dangers presently faced. Through raising awareness and educating as many of us as possible, Seafox will inspire action and help protect the ocean longer term.